Ligeglad is a fresh new comedy series from Iceland. It’s rude, clever, a fastpaced in-your-face comedy that pushes the boundaries of discomfort. In the style of Klovn and Curb your Enthusiasm the lead characters play the worst possible version of themselves. The series was a huge success in Iceland when it premiered last spring.

Icelandic stand-up comedian Anna arrives in Copenhagen to entertain a group of Icelanders at a party. Anna thinks of herself as the funniest comedian on earth but not everyone agrees.

Viggi, Anna’s best friend lives in Copenhagen. He’s an unemployed actor currently working as a street mime. Viggi is both enthusiastic and easy to manipulate which makes him the perfect companion for Anna.

At the party they meet the legendary pop-star Helgi “fucking” Björnsson, Iceland’s very own Bruce Springsteen. Helgi has come to Denmark to pursue his biggest ever career-move: to be the main judge on the international talent-show “The Lick”.

Following a series of lies and co-incidences this unlikely trio is suddenly touring Denmark in a pedophile’s motorhome. They have no plan and very conflicting agendas. What can possibly go wrong?

Ligeglad was premiered on Icelandic TV RUV in the spring of 2016. Ratings for the show were excellent, on average 37% of Iceland’s population tuned in, making it the 2 nd highest rated drama series in Iceland in 2016. RÚV has already commissioned a second season, Ligeglad del Sol.
Shooting is scheduled for fall 2017.

Original title:

Anna Svava Knútdóttir
Helgi Björnsson
Vignir Rafn Valþórsson
Benedikte Hansen

Director: Arnór Pálmi Arnarson

Executive producer: Arnar Knútsson
Produced by: Filmus Productions

Duration: 6 x 25 min

Year of production: 2016

Broadcaster: RUV

“Really pathetic television”

Bára Ólafsdóttir


“Who finds it funny to laugh at alcoholics? THE ALCOHOLICS THEMSELVES!? I doubt it.”

Elínbjört Jónsdóttir

Episode guide

Ep 01 Path to glory

Anna, a has-been stand-up comedian from Iceland arrives in Copenhagen to host a party. By chance she meets her old friend Viggi, an actor who’s now a successful mime on the main shopping street. Helgi Bjornsson, Iceland’s Bruce Springsteen is performing at the party but his main agenda is to become a judge on a new talent show called the “The Lick”.

Ep 02 On the road

Anna borrows a motorhome from her pedophile uncle and together the three of them embark on a journey through Denmark. Helgi and Viggi go swimming with little boys while Anna goes shopping for bags and books their first gig; a performance of Sigurros-songs at a birthday party. Things don’t go quite as planned and they suddenly find themselves on the run.

Ep 03 The last supper

Anna gets a stomach ache and visits a health clinic where she finds out she’s pregnant. Again. The news upsets her and in the process Viggi loses Baltasar Tristan Snær, Anna’s infant son. Lars, a Swedish Jesus-like philanthropist comes to the rescue and together they all enjoy a nice birthday dinner followed by an even nicer funeral.

Ep 04 Secrets and lies

The group arrives in Aarhus and go to a bar where Helgi performed with his band in the 80’s. Anna meets a lovely young man and decides to spark up her love life by going to the carnival. Helgi’s concert gets interrupted by ghosts from the past and once again the group finds themselves on the run.

Ep 05 Fuck dig!

The group has settled in the small town of Hornbæk where Anna lives with Per, her perfect boyfriend and his amazingly dull offspring. Anna and Helgi have a sold-out show every night. Life is truly good. Out of the blue Helgi get’s an offer to come to Copenhagen and do the talent show.

Ep 06 The Lick

The group returns to Copenhagen for Helgi’s appearance on “The Lick”. Anna’s stomach starts hurting again so she goes to the hospital where she’s greeted by the same nurse as last time. Anna needs to save face, there’s nothing worse than looking foolish to bitches you hardly know. Helgi gets arrested and spends the night in prison. Will he make the show? Is Anna pregnant again?

“I’m very disappointed. There are ONLY 6 EPISODES!”

Halla Toggadóttir


The three main characters are based on the actors that play them.
They use their real names and background, a sort of grossly exaggerated alter-egos.

Anna (38) is an Icelandic actress and stand-up comedian who’s recently become a single mother. Her career in Iceland has not been going well, she’s a bit of a has-been in this small country and she’s burnt most of the bridges she’s crossed. When she gets a gig hosting an Icelander’s party in Copenhagen she decides to look at that as an opportunity to start over, to make it big in Denmark! Anna is very impulsive, she has no plan but she’ll not let that stop her. Her mother’s second husband comes from Denmark so she’s got a couple of distant relatives there.

Anna Svava Knútsdóttir is an actress born in Reykjavik 1977. Anna is a highly acclaimed stand-up comedian, screenwriter and mother of two. With her husband she runs the most popular ice-cream parlour in Iceland.

Helgi (58) is one of Iceland’s biggest pop stars, a true legend. Iceland’s very own Bruce Springsteen. Helgi’s happily married, his kids are all grown up and he’s got 30 years of success in the Icelandic music business. He’s loved by everyone but it’s not enough. Mid-life crisis is slowly kicking in, Helgi still thinks that he could have made it big on an international scale so when he’s booked for the Icelander’s party he decides to give world-wide stardom one more shot. His old friend Janne has become Denmark’s biggest talent agent and she’s offered Helgi a major role in her latest talent-show The Lick.

Helgi Björnsson is an actor and one of the most popular and respected musicians in Iceland. Helgi’s passion includes poetry, horse-back riding and theatre. Helgi is married and has three grown children.

Viggi (35) went to drama school with Anna and there they became best friends. Viggi has very little self-asteem and is easily manipulated, a personal trade Anna is very fond of. Viggi has been single most of his life and now he’s living in Copenhagen working as a street mime on the main shopping street. Viggi is always happy in the moment, give him the occasional beer and a place to sleep and he’s content. The middle child of his divorced parents, Viggi does not like confrontations and he always puts other people’s happiness in front of his own. Viggi is a geniunly good and loyal person, completely void of ambitions. Viggi is in complete awe of Helgi Björnsson.

Vignir Rafn Valþórsson is a former class-mate of Anna from drama school. Vignir’s previous work includes TV series, feature films plus writing and directing numerous theatre plays. Vignir lives in Reykjavik with his wife and daughter.

Janne Sneum (55) is Denmark’s version of Simon Cowell, a ruthless international talent agent who’s had to fight her way to the top in the competitive world of entertainment. Her lates task is Denmark’s biggest talent-show “The Lick”. Janne was a groupie for Helgi’s band in the 80’s and still thinks of him as the one who got away. Janne has no children and has never been married.

Benedikte Hansen is an award winning actress from Denmark best known for her role as Hanne Holm in the TV series Borgen.

“I’m too old for this kind of language, thank you very much!”

Sigþrúður Hilmarsdóttir

Season II "Ligeglad del Sol"

The trio has now settled in a small tourist town somewhere in sunny Spain. Anna and Viggi are working in a bar owned by an obese British woman called Claire. Viggi has taken on the role of father to Anna’s offspring while her main concern is collecting alimony from as many men as possible. Helgi is again pursuing career opportunities while doing the odd refugee-run and guiding tourist. This dysfunctional group seems to have found paradise but just as the sun sets they will certainly ruin everything around them. Foam-discos, a lesbian love affair, fierce swimming-pool competition, a wedding and a funeral. There’s always a funeral.

Format / adaptation

Ligeglad is easily adaptable, it’s essentially a road movie with three lead characters and a motor home. The title’s direct translation (Ligeglad) is “Whatever”, not giving a fuck.

The show is driven by interview-narration with the three characters, mainly Anna. It’s possible to re-shoot the interviews for season 1 in English to help with the narrative-flow. In season 2 all interviews will both be shot in Icelandic and English and a much larger portion of the dialogue will be in English.

“Who let the dogs out?”

Baha Men