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Filmus Productions provides full production service for Feature films, TV productions, advertising, documentaries and corporate events.

Over the past two decades, we’ve had thousands of happy clients from all over the world. This list includes most of the major advertising agencies and production companies in the world. We’ve worked with all the major networks and content producers such as BBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NRK, CCTV, NHK, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Netflix.

We take care of the location scouting and permits, equipment rental, casting, transport and accommodation. And most importantly; we have the best crew available.

We make good things happen, on time and on budget.

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In Iceland you can find amazing locations for film and TV productions of all sizes.

With a population of just over 350,000 people, Iceland is a pretty big island (103.000 m2) so there’s plenty of space. And the landscape is as versatile as you can find. There are glaciers and hot springs, mountains and lakes, fields of lava, moss and black sands. Waterfalls and rivers in all sizes and shapes, volcanoes, puffins, whales, and some say we’ve even got elves and trolls…  Then there’s the northern lights and midnight sun. What are you looking for?

For inspiration please check out these suggestions:


When In Iceland


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Iceland offers up to 35% reimbursement for film and TV production in Iceland. This includes all costs, including payments to employees and contractors verifiably taxed in Iceland. If more than 80% of the total production cost is Icelandic, the reimbursement takes into account all production costs within the European Economic Area.

This program is very effective. An application must be made before the start of production and our team has a perfect track record in securing this refund.

For further details see here

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We understand the importance of exchanging ideas and promoting your work, both virtually and in real life. There are a few really good corporate venues in Iceland, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

We can help you with anything from a simple corporate video to a major event. Our expertise is knowing where to put your focus, a good execution is always based on a solid plan.

If you are planning a conference, content production, or live broadcast we’re here for you. Do you know the Icelandic word for quality? We do. Gæði.

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Filmus productions was established in 1999 by producer Addi Knutsson and director/composer Petur Jonsson. This boutique shop soon became one of the leading film production companies in Iceland, producing TV commercials for domestic and international markets.

In 2012 we released our first feature film Black’s Game a film that became the 2nd highest-grossing film in Iceland’s history.

We’ve produced award-winning TV series such as Ligeglad and TV films like Love On Iceland for international and domestic markets. 

Filmus Productions is a member of SÍK the +association of Icelandic Film Producers and SI the Federation of Icelandic Industries.

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